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IR.Social is a mobile application for publicly traded companies, that aids them in creating an engaging connection with their investors. Through real-time social media integration, stock information and a powerful CMS, you are able to showcase the most important company information in a fun, engaging and social manner.

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IR Social at the App pitch competition Vancouver.

👤 🕔 May 8, 2013 0

Last March, the IR.Social team competed against other entrepreneurs in an app pitch competition (

This competition consisted on performing for the judges and people present a 2-minute presentation about our app and how we planned to monetize on it. There were more than 20 contestants all presenting different apps from very different categories (music business, healthcare, social messaging, Investor Relations, etc.).

The IR.Social team based their pitch on the framework that gives life to the IR.Social platform: The Social App.

The competition was divided into 2 phases:

  • In Phase 1, the competitors where divided into 2 groups and they each had to present to judges and other competitors.
  • The top three teams of each group, made it to Phase 2 (The IR.Social team made it). In this phase teams had 5 minutes to present their app and other everyone watching, got to vote to choose the finalists and the winner.

Our team made it all the way to the three finalists but unfortunately we didn’t win. Still, for being in the final 3, we did get some tickets for the Polyglot Conference in Vancouver.

To see our Pitch view the video below!


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