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IR.Social is a mobile application for publicly traded companies, that aids them in creating an engaging connection with their investors. Through real-time social media integration, stock information and a powerful CMS, you are able to showcase the most important company information in a fun, engaging and social manner.

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Introducing IR Social.

👤 🕔 April 12, 2013 0

Social Media has become a big part of business and with the SEC endorsing social media as a public disclosure channel it has also gain importance in the realm of Investor Relations. It is a good way of communicating with all those involved with the company internally and externally, from customers to investors to staff and contractors. Different social media sites allow us to communicate in different ways: YouTube for videos, Flicker for photos, Twitter for micro-blogging, Facebook for sharing, Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr for blogging.

Social media can be a great for businesses, but maintaining your accounts and keeping them all current is a hassle. It has gotten to a point of importance and intricacy that some companies are now hiring Social Media Managers whose only responsibility is to keep all these profiles up to date. Also applications like HootSuite have arise and have made it very easy to keep most of the social media sites up to date by allowing members of the social media team to post messages to different sites through a single interface without having to access all the different social media sites.

But what happens if a stakeholder wants to follow your company and all your social media? They will have to access each social media site to see the content and follow the company.

Mobile devices are now a great part of this social media culture. Most sites are now accessed more through mobile interfaces than through personal computers. OptimusMobility has come up with a solution to this problem; we call it IRSocial.

The application consolidates all the information your company publishes on different social media sites and displays them in the same interface. By integrating all of your social media profiles into one application your stakeholders will be able to see a more complete picture of what your business is about, it will allow you to showcase every little thing the company is doing and better connect stakeholders with the company.

Built in analytics help you understand more about your stakeholders, such as what type of device they are using, with what carrier, what are the most visited sections, where in the world they are located and even through what mediums they are sharing your information.

The application has a modular architecture letting you add or remove modules depending of what type of social media sites your business is using.

If you would like to know more about IR.Social, don’t hesitate on contacting us.

You can view an Optimus version of the Social App in HTML5, Android and iOS with Windows Phone support coming soon.

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